Maria Nila Shale Strong Wax (50ml)

Maria Nila

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  • not tested on animals
  • paraben free
  • sulphate free
  • vegan
Shale Maria Nila Wax
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  • Basic price: CHF41.80 / 100 ml
  • Contents: 50 ml
  • Item number: SW19536

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The Shale Strong Wax by Maria Nila is a strong styling wax. It gives short hairstyles a strong... more

The Shale Strong Wax by Maria Nila is a strong styling wax. It gives short hairstyles a strong hold and gives a silky shine. The wax is easy to apply and is very economical. It can be used ideally as a single styling product or in combination with other products. The hair wax is from the series Minerals by Maria Nila. All waxes from this series are based on natural minerals. These make it possible to produce a hair wax that is 100% vegan. Thanks to the minerals, beeswax is no longer necessary. The Shale Strong Wax is also based on minerals. These are responsible for the special formula which also protects against UV-rays. The wax also has a colour protection. The crucible in which the hair wax comes consists of 100% Co2 neutral plastic. 


  • gives superstract hold
  • gives the hair a silky shine
  • is 100% vegan
  • based on minerals
  • with Co2 neutral packaging
  • no animal testing
  • perfect for short hairstylings
  • provides extremely long hold
  • available in two different sizes
  • can be used on dry and damp hair
  • can be combined with other styling products
  • free from parabens
  • sulphate-free
  • with colour protection
  • protects against UV radiation

The Shale Wax is a particularly strong hair wax. The mineral-based formula gives short hair very good hold. As it is very economical, only a small amount of wax needs to be used for the application. Therefore take a small amount out of the jar. Spread it on the palm of your hand. Now rub your hands together to warm the wax slightly and distribute it evenly in your hands. Stroke your palms through the hair to style it as desired. Shape the hair and allow the wax to dry briefly. Done. Due to the strong hold, it is possible to style only single areas of the hair with the Shale. This is suitable, for example, when the fringe is fixed or when single strands are to stay in place. 

Hair type
The Hairwax Shale is suitable for every hair condition. It can be used for normal, dry and coloured hair. Besides the hold, it also provides colour and UV protection. The Shale Wax is best suited for short hair up to about 10 cm length. However, it can also be used to fix individual hair sections such as the fringe. 

The Shale Strong Wax is characterised by a special composition. Compared to other hair waxes it is based on minerals instead of beeswax. Therefore the wax is 100% vegan. It also has UV and colour protection. The wax is free of parabens and sulphates. The jar in which the wax is packed is 100% Co2 neutral. 

You're looking for a vegan hair wax? You want a strong wax for short hair? You are looking for a hair wax that gives superstraked hold? You want some shine in your look? Your hair needs the ultimate hold? You are looking for a styling wax which you can apply on dry or wet hair? Then the Shale Strong Wax is ideal for you. It gives a firm hold and provides a silky shine. 

Use the wax alone or with other styling products. Depending on the look you want to create, it is recommended to use a volume mousse or hairspray. If you want more shine, you can add it with a hairspray as a finish. The vegan Shine Spray from Ref


Brands: Maria Nila
Product line: Maria Nila Minerals
Product type: hair wax
Requirements: colour protection, hold, UV protection
Hold: strong hold
Ingredients: not tested on animals, paraben free, sulphate free, vegan
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