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maske inforcer mini 75ml
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Inforcer Mask Mini by L'Oréal - No hair breakage on the road L'Oréal's Inforcer Masque is... more

Inforcer Mask Mini by L'Oréal - No hair breakage on the road

L'Oréal's Inforcer Masque is specially designed for people with severely damaged hair to make it easier for them to care for their hair. The mask helps you keep your hair healthy from week to week. 


  • Contains biotin and vitamin B6
  • Anti-hair breakage effect
  • For heavily damaged hair structure
  • Easy to use

Hair type

You have found the right site with if you are looking for a mask for broken and brittle hair. The Série Expert Inforcer line is particularly suitable for damaged hair. The vitamins it contains will give your hair back its strength and shine. However, there is no disadvantage if this mask is also used on other hair types.


Does your styling increasingly damage your hair? Do they no longer look healthy and break off? Have you already tried several products, but they don't help? Then wait until you get to the Mask Inforcer! In just 10 minutes, it builds and moisturizes your hair from the inside out. 


The formula contains the vitamins B6 and biotin, or also known as vitamin B8. These absorb the hair particularly well after washing. The vitamins release a large amount of moisture. This makes the hair less susceptible to hair breakage and less stressed. 


Apply the mask evenly to freshly washed, towel-dried hair. Be careful not to rub it into the roots, as these can quickly become greasy. Therefore, only apply it well in the lengths and especially in the tips. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, depending on the length of the hair. It is best to wrap the mask in cling film so that heat is generated and the ingredients can penetrate the hair fibre better. When the mask is almost completely absorbed, wash it out thoroughly with water only. It is best to let your hair dry by air now, so that it is not damaged again by the heat. 


For an even better protection of your hair, we have a tip for the Brush Proof Spray Inforcer, which you spray into the brush before you go through your hair with it. Thus you protect especially the tips once again with an extra protection against breakage.

Brands: L'Oréal
Product type: Masks
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