Thermal Treatment Wrap Detox & Balance Mask


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  • not tested on animals
Thermal Treatment Wrap Detox Balance Mask - Ikoo
Thermal Treatment Wrap Detox & Balance Mask
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Thermal Treatment Wrap - Detox & Balance Mask Thermal Treatment Wrap from ikoo  is a... more

Thermal Treatment Wrap - Detox & Balance Mask

Thermal Treatment Wrap from ikoo is a warming hair treatment mask, sounds special? It is, but it also works!
The Thermal Treatment Wrap from ikoo, made from natural nutrients, structures and detoxifies your hair. Through the development of heat, care substances such as seaweed extract and a composition of blueberry and blackberry penetrate the hair structure and create a unique spa experience for you and your hair. The Detox & Balance Mask detoxifies your hair and scalp from free radicals and helps to restore the balance of hair and scalp. The Thermal Treatment saves your damaged hair. Give yourself and your hair a unique hair treatment that gives you a spa-like feeling.


  • Deep-acting hair mask with heat
  • Saves damaged hair
  • Detoxt scalp and hair
  • With seaweed extracts
  • Restores the balance of hair and scalp
  • Stimulates the scalp
  • Easy application - long lasting effect

Hair type

The Thermal Treatment Wrap Detox & Balance Mask is made for every hair type and hair structure. It also works particularly well on damaged hair, restoring the balance of your hair and scalp and rebuilding it.


Are you looking for a hair mask that is deeper and more intense than traditional hair masks. Would you like to enjoy the spa experience at home and give your hair the care it needs? Do you want to treat your hair to a detox treatment? Do you want your damaged hair to shine soft and healthy again? Do you want to give your hair a long lasting silky feeling? Then try the Ikoo Thermal Treatment Wrap mask. This hair mask uses body heat to turn your hair into a silky smooth mane in 20 minutes. It ensures that the ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair and keep it smooth for a long time.


This warming mask contains caring seaweed extract and an enrichment of blueberries and blackberries. These nourishing substances and a variety of other natural extracts help to detoxify and restore the hair.


Put the mask on the washed and towel-dried hair. Then fix it gently with the used adhesive fasteners. Leave the mask on the head for 15-25 minutes and massage it gently with your hands again and again during this time. Finally rinse with lukewarm water and style the hair as usual.
The thermal function of the Thermal Treatment Wrap ensures a better transfer of active ingredients into the hair structure. Afterwards it is sufficient to rinse the hair briefly and style it as usual.


While the mask can take effect, treat yourself to a face mask. Put a Sheetmask on your face and relax completely. You can create the perfect home spa for your home.

Brands: ikoo
Product type: Hair masks
Requirements: Calming, Refreshment, Regeneration, Relaxation
Hair type: brittle hair, damaged hair, damaged hair, dry hair, normal hair, stubborn hair
Ingredients: not tested on animals
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