Kerasilk Control 1 Keratin Shape Medium - 500ml


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Kerasilk Control 1 Keratin Shape Medium - 500ml
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  • Contents: 500 ml
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Kerasilk Control 1 Keratin Shape Medium - 500ml Goldwell's unique  Kerasilk Control 1... more

Kerasilk Control 1 Keratin Shape Medium - 500ml

Goldwell's unique Kerasilk Control 1 Keratin Shape is a heat-activated KeraShapeTechnology and transforms your hard-to-tame, curly and frizzy hair into long-lasting smooth-soft hair like silk. With the Keratin Shape your hair gets enough moisture, your hair becomes manageable and easier to style. Especially frizzy hair can finally be brought under control. The Keratin Shape Medium is used with the Keratin Smooth Medium 2. 

Pamper your beautiful hair with the unique Keratin Shape from Goldwell. You can use the product from the comfort of your own home and achieve salon-like results!


  • Balanced water content
  • Deep conditioning
  • Strengthens hair structure
  • Silky hair feel
  • Improves hair structure
  • More hold and shine
  • Great fragrance
  • Makes your hair manageable again
  • Anti-frizz effect
  • Provides your hair with nutrients

Hair type

Kerasilk Control 1 Keratin Shape is suitable for all hair types. Frizzy, curly and unruly hair will benefit the most from the smoothing effect of this product. Also recommended for hair treated with Kerasilk in salon service.


  1. Shampoo hair with Kerasilk Control Deep Cleansing Shampoo. 
  2. Then blow dry the hair with your hands or a paddle brush until it is about 80% dry.
  3. Always make sure to wear gloves when applying Kerasilk Shape.
  4. Mix the product individually according to hair condition and customer preference. Mix the Keratin Shape and Smooth in a 1:1 ratio.

Recommended amount:
Short hair: 20 g Keratin Shape + 20 g Keratin Smooth
Medium length hair: 30 g Keratin Shape + 30 g Keratin Smooth
Long hair: 40 g Keratin Shape + 40 g Keratin Smooth 

  1. Apply the product to the nape of the neck and then work your way up to the top of the head. However, do not apply the product directly to the scalp, as the straightening iron cannot be used directly on the scalp either. Distribute the Keratin Smooth evenly. Use a comb to remove excess product.
  2. Leave the product on for about 15 minutes without heat to allow it to penetrate your hair.
  3. Then blow dry your hair to 100% dry with a paddle brush on medium heat.
  4. Part your hair first. Then straighten it at the appropriate temperature (maximum 230°C minimum 180°C). Test the temperature on a strand at the back of the head first, as high temperatures can cause a colour change. If you notice a change in colour, lower the temperature of the straightening iron by 10-20°C. 

     Recommended Heat:

    • Unruly & Normal Max. 230°C
    • Coloured Max. 200°C
    • Bleached Max. 180°C 

    Keratin Shape Medium + Keratin Smooth Medium = Soft curl reduction for healthy hair
    Keratin Shape Medium + Keratin Smooth Intense = Soft curl reduction for damaged hair

  5. Shampoo hair thoroughly with Kerasilk Control Shampoo and wash as usual.
  6. Seal the effect of the treatment and optimise the scent with Kerasilk Control Sealing Serum. Apply the serum to wet hair & complete the treatment. 
  7. Note: If you want to refresh the color after the application, TopChic or Colorance Cover Plus are the ideal recommendations. In this case, follow the instructions for use of the respective color product. Other Colorance colours should not be used until 2 weeks after treatment.


Do you have hair that is difficult to manage? Do you long for smooth, soft hair? Your frizzy hair is giving you a hard time? Put an end to it! Fall in love with our amazing Kerasilk Control 1 Keratin Shape by Goldwell and let your hair live again.

Information and warnings

  • Do not use on very damaged hair. (e.g. heavily bleached)
  • Do not use on freshly dyed hair. Wait at least 2 weeks after color service before using this product.
  • Colored/blonde/white hair may possibly experience color changes.
  • The use of Elumen on Keratin Treatment treated hair is not recommended.


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Brands: Goldwell
Product line: Kerasilk Control
Product type: Keratin Shape
Requirements: anti-frizz, Combing, moisture, Regeneration, smooth hair, Smoothness
Hair type: curly hair, krauses Haar, stubborn hair
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