10% CBD-Öl Tropfen in Hanfsamenöl - 10ml

CBD MED Schweiz

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  • biologisch
  • Full Spectrum Hanfextrakt
  • Hanfsamenöl

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CBD MED Switzerland 10% CBD oil drops with 0.3% THC, in hemp seed oil 10ml. The high quality... more

CBD MED Switzerland 10% CBD oil drops with 0.3% THC, in hemp seed oil 10ml.

The high quality Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil from CBD MED Switzerland comes 100% from certified organic Swiss cultivation. This guarantees the highest possible quality of the products. Thanks to the gentle manufacturing process, it is ensured that the full spectrum of the hemp plant ends up in the oil, which means that the complete ingredients as well as properties of the cannabis plant are contained in the oil.

Why CBD oil?

CBD has many known positive effects on the body and mind. Besides the anti-spasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil offers many more. 

What does CBD help against?

  • Stress and sleep disorders - the relaxing effect improves the quality of sleep. Stress related problems like nervousness and irritability  is reduced.
  • Anxiety - CBD can curb the production of anxiety hormones. It helps with anxiety disorders and post traumatic stress disorder.
  • Skin problems - Atopic dermatitis, acne and other skin problems can be treated with CBD as it has a soothing effect.
  • Pain - CBD has an analgesic effect, joint pain, headaches (migraines) as well as menstrual pain are relieved. CBD has also been used effectively against arthritis as well as fibromyalgia.
  • Epilepsy - especially in children in the treatment of epilepsy supportive and make epileptic seizures less frequent.
  • Cancer Therapy - It has also been researched that CBD oil provides faster death of cancer cells. The tumor growth slows down and inhibits metastasis. In the case of chemotherapy, CBD can alleviate the side effects.


In November 2019, 20 Swiss manufacturers of CBD oils were tested for proper declaration. 7 out of 20 failed. Both product lines of CBD MED Switzerland which were tested were declared flawlessly.


  • Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
  • 100% Swiss cultivation
  • 10% CBD, 0.3% THC
  • Permanent laboratory analysis
  • 1 CBD oil sold = 1 tree planted
  • Pain relieving
  • Relaxing effect
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Helps with anxiety disorders and stress
  • Supports epilsepsy & cancer treatment 


CBD MED Switzerland attaches great importance to quality and safety. Hair-trigger laboratory analysis is performed. Before each delivery goes on sale, it is first screened in the laboratory. The CBD oil is tested for the correct content as well as for residues of pesticides and herbicides. Only when all this has been checked and is in order, do the products go on sale.


  • Hemp seed oil
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 

What does Full Spectrum (higher THC residual value) mean? 

The term "Full Spectrum" actually gives it away. It means that the "full spectrum"  of the cannabis plant is in the oil. Cannabis cultivation always produces CBD and THC, if the CBD content is higher, the THC residual value also increases, otherwise it would not be a "full spectrum" product. The oils which have a THC residual value of < 1% are allowed in Switzerland.

 100% Swissness

All business partners, farmers and suppliers are from Switzerland. Production is regional and local, so that the best possible quality can be guaranteed. Short delivery distances ensure a gentle delivery and manufacturing process. 

1 CBD oil sold = 1 tree planted

CBD MED Switzerland has thought of something great. For every CBD oil sold, 1 tree will be planted by your partner organization OneTreePlanted.

Hints and questions:

Pregnancy and CBD oil

CBD is considered a very safe product. However, we recommend that pregnant women avoid CBD products during pregnancy as they may affect the function of the placenta.

Do I have to store the CBD bottle in the fridge?

No, depending on the strength of the hemp extract, the CBD oils can crystallize at certain temperatures. It is sufficient to store the bottle at room temperature, well closed and not directly in the sun.

Can I take my CBD oil with me on holiday?

We know that CBD helps many. Unfortunately, the laws are not the same everywhere as in Switzerland. When travelling abroad, it is often the permitted residual THC level that is decisive, which depends on the prevailing law at the destination. It is best to inform yourself thoroughly before the trip.


Brands: CBD MED Schweiz
Requirements: Calming, Relaxation, Schmerzlindernd
Ingredients: biologisch, Full Spectrum Hanfextrakt, Hanfsamenöl
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