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Beauty Addicts Sweet Lips Express Sheer Peach Lipgloss
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Beauty Addicts SweetLIPS Express Sheer Peach The SweetLIPS Express Sheer Peach is a lip... more

Beauty Addicts SweetLIPS Express Sheer Peach

The SweetLIPS Express Sheer Peach is a lip gloss without which you can no longer imagine your future. It gives your lips a beautiful shine, contains valuable  natural ingredients, vitamin  E and jojoba butter. These properties provide beneficial moisture throughout the application. An enchanting scent of vanilla and a hint of sweetness refresh your everyday life. Once you have tried this lip gloss, you will surely want nothing else.  


  • enchanting shine
  • seductive fullness of the lips
  • Moisturize while you wear it
  • beneficial, natural and calorie-free ingredients

A peach coloured lip gloss that goes with every outfit

The SweetLIPS from Beauty Addicts are easy to apply thanks to the soft lip brush they contain. To prevent the lip gloss from running out, we recommend that you first prime your lips with the Face2Face Foundation and then apply a LusciousLIPS lip liner. 

Would you like shiny, full, seductive lips? Do you tend to dry and chapped lips? Are you looking for the right product to extend your lipstick range? Then wait no longer and order the right lip gloss from Beauty Addicts. It is available in 8 different colours. 

The application of lip gloss is basically very simple. As described above, nothing can go wrong with the lip brush it contains.  However, to optimize the wearing for your lips and to extend the durability we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Before you use the lip gloss, apply a good balm to your lips. A lip gloss moisturizes, but unfortunately not as much as a matching creamy lipstick. 
  2. Now you choose a contour pencil of the same colour from Beauty Addicts. Border your lips with it. These lip liner pencils contain waxes, which minimizes or even prevents leakage while wearing. 
  3. If you have chosen a clear lip gloss, you can give it more impact and a beautiful effect by putting a lipstick of your colour under it first. Using your fingertips, gently dab your favourite colour from the inside out to the lip edges. 
  4. Last but not least: Take your lip gloss and apply it from the center outwards with small dabbing movements. You're done! Show everyone your adorable smile with Beauty Addicts SweetLIPS.


Brands: Beauty Addicts
Product type: Lip gloss
Requirements: shine
Desired colour: beige, nude
Target audience: ladies
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