Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheer Duo, Glow

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Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheer Duo, Glow
Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheer Duo, Glow
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Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheer Duo, Glow The Highlighter/Luminizer in powder form of the... more

Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheer Duo, Glow

The Highlighter/Luminizer in powder form of the Glimmer Sheer line from Beauty Addicts brings you the desired shine all year round and is also very easy to use. With it you can accentuate and highlight your eyes, face and cheeks perfectly.


  • Guaranteed high-quality shimmer and gloss
  • Contains vitamins, antioxidants, oils and other extracts
  • Moisturizes dry skin 
  • Two unique formulations

Each Glimmer Sheer from Beauty Addicts contains two units. The Mica unit provides a soft, luminous shine and a healthy and vital shimmer. Dermaxyl stimulates collagen production and makes your skin more even. Ceramide, vitamins A and E, and green tea extracts provide your skin with optimal moisture. The Sheer unit is a crystal clear luminizer that makes your skin glow. The jojoba oil it contains is your personal fighter against wrinkles and increases elasticity. Together, Glimmer Sheer makes an unbeatable partner for your daily makeup.

Use the matching Bronzer Powder Brush from Beauty Addicts. For an even result, make sure that it is evenly and selectively distributed.

Do you want to give your make-up more glamour? Do you miss a healthy glow on your skin? Do you want to refresh your dry areas? Would you like to have an all-round care for your skin? Take it now and get Glimmer Sheer from Beauty Addicts.

A shimmering highlighter/luminizer on the Cupid's Arch of your lips makes them look fuller and stronger. Even the small shadow under the lip can be easily removed with the highlighter, so that the lips appear even more prominent.


Brands: Beauty Addicts
Product type: Rouge
Target audience: ladies
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