Curl Elegance Champagne Rosé 2663PE

BaByliss Paris

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Curl Elegance
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Curl Elegance  Champagne Rosé 2663PE Limited Edition  from BaByliss Paris This... more

Curl Elegance Champagne Rosé 2663PE Limited Edition from BaByliss Paris

This unique and revolutionary device from BaByliss conjures beautiful and simple curls. The Curl Elegance has a simplified setting with automatic curling mode to create light curls with ease. In addition, you can change the curl direction to create a natural looking curl. This appliance also has a professional heating system for quick curl shaping and the light ceramic coating provides silky curls. You can also choose between two temperature settings from 185° to 205° and additionally you can adjust the heating time setting between three levels (8, 10 and 12 seconds).


  • Easy to use
  • Heating duration setting
  • Changing curl direction
  • Temperature controller
  • Ceramic coating

Hair type

Applicable for all hair types who want beautiful curls.


Connect the unit to the mains and select the desired temperature with the switch 0-I-II. The red indicator light starts flashing. The red light stops flashing as soon as the selected temperature is reached. The unit is now ready for operation and the red indicator lights up continuously. Select the heating duration setting according to the desired effect. For light curls it is best to select the short heating time and for stronger curls you can select the long heating time. The hair must be clean, dry and well untangled. Now lift off the upper hair layer with a clip and start working on the lower hair layer. Cut off 3 cm wide strands of hair and untangle them first with a comb. Hold the appliance over the strand so that the roller is directed towards the head. Keep the strand of hair straight and place it in the middle of the appliance between the two handles. When the strand is correctly positioned, close the handles of the appliance so that it can automatically grip the strand. Hold the appliance in this position until the sound signal is heard after 3, 4 or 5 consecutive beeps, depending on the setting selected. Open the device and let the curl cool down to achieve sufficient bounce.

Brands: BaByliss Paris
Product type: curling wand
Requirements: curls
Hair type: curly hair, fine hair, normal hair
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