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Alessandro Hand Care Set - Time To Care Included in the beautiful set: 1x Magic Manicure... more

Alessandro Hand Care Set - Time To Care

Included in the beautiful set:

1x Magic Manicure Complete - 30ml
1x Nice Day - 30ml
1x 10 Min. Hydra Hand Mask - 30ml

Magic Manicure Complete - 30ml:

This wonderful peeling has a great care effect. In only 60 seconds you will feel a silky soft skin. It consists of sea salt, grape seed oil and apricot kernel oil, which helps you to exfoliate and care for your hands after just one application. The sea salt has a cleansing effect and regulates the pH value, so that dead skin cells are removed gently but effectively. 

Nice Day Hand Lotion - 30ml:

This hand lotion is good to use for the day. It gives you just the right amount of moisture and cares for your dry hands with precious care substances such as hyaluronic acid and caviar. In addition, this hand lotion is suitable for all skin types. The hyaluronic acid provides your skin with sufficient moisture and the caviar extract ensures that you have firm and elastic skin.

10 min Hydra Hand Mask - 30ml:

This express hand mask from Alessandro provides smooth and supple skin in just 10 minutes. It also provides pure moisture for the night. The active ingredient complex of hyaluronic acid and a hydro booster provides your skin with moisture immediately after the first application. The Aquaxyl multi-talent is often found in natural cosmetics, because it promotes the restructuring of the skin barrier and increases the resistance of your skin. It is also enriched with Beatine sugar beet extract, which reduces skin irritation and protects against dehydration.

Skin Type

The hand lotion, hand mask and hand scrub are suitable for all skin types. Your hands will receive optimal care with this hand care set. Especially in the cold season, our skin tends to dry out quickly and become chapped. The right care is therefore unavoidable. Through the constant use of disinfectants, our hands become dry and cracked faster than usual. This hand care set provides plenty of moisture and care, for a sensual care experience and beautiful hands.


Do you have very dry hands? Do your hands burn and hurt? Are your hands very sensitive and crack very quickly? Do you get tired of disinfecting your hands? Then you have got your perfect set! This great spa set from Alessandro makes your hands soft and smooth.


Apply Magic Manicure to your hands and massage in well, then rinse with warm water.
Take a hazelnut-sized portion of the Nice Day hand lotion and apply it to your hands, massaging it in with circular movements.
Apply a generous layer of the 10 Min Hydra Hand Mask to your cleansed hands. Then wait 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. If you have very dry skin, you can leave it on overnight. To maximise the effect, wear cotton gloves overnight to prevent the mask from getting on your bed linen.


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Brands: Alessandro
Product line: Hand!SPA
Product type: Handcream
Requirements: Calming, moisture, Pflegend, Refreshment, Smoothness
Skin type: alle Hauttypen, dry skin, mature skin, normal skin, sensitive skin
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