Damari Baby Foot Easy Pack


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Damari Baby Foot Easy Pack
Damari Baby Foot Easy Pack
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Give your feet tender baby skin! Without filing and cutting, you will have tender feet in no... more

Give your feet tender baby skin! Without filing and cutting, you will have tender feet in no time at all. Damari Baby Foot Easy Pack socks are incredibly easy to use. It takes only one hour to work in, the following week the dead skin is removed from your feet and the result is incredibly soft and tender feet. The 17 natural active ingredients penetrate the skin and within 2-7 days the uppermost corneal layer is dissolved. Effective, painless and incredibly easy to use: the Baby Foot is a beauty sensation, everyone loves it and is convinced of it. From Japan the foot scrub has spread all over the world and generated a real hype!


  • Extra soft feet
  • Avoids cornea
  • Removes the very dry and dead skin layer 
  • Makes your feet incredibly soft
  • Very easy to use
  • Astonishing results
  • Active ingredients: fruit acid
  • Practical plastic socks
  • Soft baby feet in just two weeks
  • Helps against bad smells, bacteria, inflammation and psoriasis

Skin type
The Baby Foot Peeling is suitable for almost all skin types. The sock peeling is especially recommended for very dry and dehydrated feet. Baby Foot removes dead cells, the outermost skin layer can be peeled off after the treatment. Those who have very dry to cracked heels will particularly love this peeling. The product is not suitable for very sensitive skin or for diabetics, as the care substances are quite acidic.

Problem definition
You want to get your feet wet? Do you dream of feet that are as soft and smooth as a baby's? Do you want to try the must-have pedicure? Have you read a lot about the unique Baby Foot Peeling? Have you had enough of files and unsuccessful peelings? It's summertime and this year you want to have super groomed feet? Is foot care very important for you? Try the Baby Foot Peeling from Damari and be amazed! This peeling is the beauty hype product of the year, everyone loves it and wants to benefit from its innovative and surprising properties. Take care of your feet with the most successful peeling there is and prepare yourself for the sandal season or for new barefoot experiences!

In 1997 Baby Foot was launched in Japan. It is only in 2016 that this foot care product will become famous all over the world. Almost all beauty editors, bloggers and beauty fans have tried it and are more than convinced of it. The Baby Foot Peeling promises a unique and foolproof pedicure, the results are baby soft and cornea free feet. During two weeks after the treatment, the outermost layer of the foot skin is removed, dead cells are loosened and the microcirculation is also significantly improved. One pack of Baby Foot contains two plastic socks filled with a highly active gel extract. The unique formula contains 17 natural extracts, the majority of which are fruit acids such as glycolic acid from the sugar cane plant, malic acid and citric acid. These natural extracts cause a superficial, very fine peeling of the skin layer. This separates and removes dead skin cells from new, healthy cells. Many peelings use fruit acid to improve the appearance of the skin, the disappearance of the upper horny layer improves the skin structure. Within two weeks you will have smooth, soft feet. Baby Foot also helps against bad smells, it eliminates bacteria and supports the treatment of inflammation and psoriasis. The peeling also renews the firmness of the skin and its moisture balance. The gel smells of herbs. Baby Foot lets you run fresh pedicured in the new season!


babyfoot application

The application is very easy! That's the way to do it:

  1. Soaking feet: dip your feet in warm water and leave them to soak for 10 to 20 minutes.
  2. Take the two socks and cut along the dotted line. Slip your feet into the socks.
  3. Close the socks with the enclosed adhesive tape.
  4. Let the active ingredient work with the socks for 1 maximum of 2 hours. You can also put on socks over it, the heat supports the process. During the application time, move as little as possible and avoid walking.
  5. Remove the plastic socks and rinse the gel with water. 

Remove nail polish from toenails before use. For beautiful and well-groomed feet all year round, repeat the process every 3 to 4 months.

In the two weeks after the treatment, the dead skin will slowly peel off. During this time you should not take long walks, hikes and workouts. The new skin is very sensitive and not yet hard enough. Use Baby Foot before the sandal season to have perfectly groomed feet! 


Brands: Damari
Product type: Callus remover, Exfoliator
Requirements: complexion refining, Regeneration, Smoothness
Skin type: dry skin, normal skin
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1 Nov 2017

Hornhaut weg

Ich war etwas skeptisch wegen der Beschreibung von 1x Anwendung. Habe es dann trotzdem ausprobiert und die rauen Stellen waren weg. Es hat ein paar Tage gedauert aber dafür hat man eine Weile Ruhe davon. Lieferung, super schnell, danke.

9 Jan 2016


Der Effekt ist wirklich gegeben, auch wenns dann etwas Geduld braucht, bis sich alle Haut abgeschält hat, und dir "Ränder" sich "auflösen".
Wenn mans regelmäßig macht, hat man wohl wirklich Füße wie ein Baby! ;-)

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