Beauty Addicts LusciousLIPS Lipliner Seduce

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Beauty Addicts LusciousLIPS Lipliner Seduce LusciousLIPS by Beuaty Addicts are lipliners,... more

Beauty Addicts LusciousLIPS Lipliner Seduce

LusciousLIPS by Beuaty Addicts are lipliners, available in four different colours. The ideal lip liner is available for every matching lipstick from Beuaty Addicts. These liners are made with a revolutionary new anti-aging formula and a moisturising texture. Combines the care of your lips and make-up in one. The easy application and exact lines prevent lipsticks from running. The dream of a beautiful pout becomes reality - get inside yourself. 


  • cares for your lips with enough moisture 
  • reduces chapped and dry lips
  • exact and gliding lines for easy application
  • inhibits the running of the lipsticks 
  • ideal cocktail of care and make-up
  • long-life durability
  • reduces the aging process of your lips 
  • ready for use at any time, as no post-peaking is necessary

Beautiful contour pencil in the colour Bordeaux

There is probably no lipliner that is easier to use. After-peaking is a thing of the past and therefore it can be applied anywhere and anytime. The lip liner from Beauty Addicts LusciousLIPS should ideally be applied to your lips from the middle to the outside. 

You have dry and sensitive lips? Especially in the cold seasons, many women suffer from it. You wish for full and charming lips? Are you annoyed that your conventional lipsticks run? The contour pencil from Beauty Addicts comes to the rescue - choose the one that suits you best.  

The hylauronic acid, vitamins and ceramides 3 are responsible for regenerating your skin, protecting it from aging and providing it with optimal moisture.  

Let's not always ask ourselves the question: How can I extend the durability of my lipstick? This question is easily answered with the lipliners from Beauty Addicts. Care and colour in one, that is the answer. Test it yourself and do something good for your lips. 




Brands: Beauty Addicts
Product type: Lip liner
Desired colour: red
Target audience: ladies
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