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Beauty Addicts SweetLIPS Express Ginger
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Beauty Addicts SweetLIPS Express Ginger A fresh lip curl with the SweetLIPS from Beauty... more

Beauty Addicts SweetLIPS Express Ginger

A fresh lip curl with the SweetLIPS from Beauty Addicts. Make a new shiny statement with shiny nuances or naturally shimmering and glossy lips. The Lip Gloss Express Ginger is perfect for natural beauty in a nude look. The lip gloss from Beauty Addicts contains natural ingredients, vitamin E and jojoba butter. The butter moisturizes your lips and the vitamin E gives feminine and enchanting shine. A pleasant scent of vanilla and a touch of sweetness embellish and enchant the application. 


  • wonderful moisturizing
  • glittering shimmer
  • natural ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba butter
  • feminine lips full of fullness
  • Calorie-free lip gloss

The natural nudetone for unobtrusive shine. 

The SweetLIPS from Beauty Addicts are equipped with a practical lip brush. This allows an easy, quick, gentle and pleasant application.  In order to prevent your lip gloss from leaking, we recommend that you prime your lips with the Face2Face Foundation. Afterwards, use a LusciousLIPS lip contour pencil to apply the foundation.  This will extend the durability and give your lips an extra portion of volume and shine.   

Problem definition
Who does not wish for beautiful voluminous and shiny lips? Are your lips rather dry? Do you want to give your lips an extra portion of moisture? Are you looking for the right colour for your outfit? Then the SweetLIPS from Beauy Addicts are just the right thing for you.  

Lip gloss makes our lips look fuller and more voluminous with the help of the shiny texture and glitter particles. This is what we want, of course, for the whole day. So that you can achieve the best results, we have a few useful tips for you here:

  1. First you should gently brush your lips with a toothbrush. This loosens dry skin flakes and stimulates the blood circulation, which intensifies your own lip colour. 
  2. In a second step you care for your lips with a not too greasy lip care. If your lips are too oily, the lip gloss will not hold well. 
  3. Now you can outline your lips with the matching contour pencil. The lip liner contains wax that makes the lip gloss last longer. After contouring, wipe the colour inwards with your finger. So that there is a smooth transition. 
  4. Now you can choose the lip gloss of your choice and apply it gently from the centre outwards. 
  5. Ready! 
Brands: Beauty Addicts
Product type: Lip gloss
Requirements: shine
Desired colour: beige, nude
Target audience: ladies
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